MBA of Texas July 2020 Mission Reports

July beginning balance: $79,930 / Offerings: $19,825.86 / Missionary Support:

$14,450 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Expenses: (designated-$10)(office expense:

$149:99)= $159.99 / July 31 balance: $82,545.87

Saved: 2 Baptized: 3

Since November 1 , 15 have been saved, 7 baptized, 6 joined by letter,

and 2 joined by statement.

In July State Missions was shared with: Hooks MBC in Hooks; Friendship

MBC in Long Branch; and Greggton MBC in Longview. We would like to thank

the churches of Texas for their continued prayers and support of the MBA during

this time. You are in our prayers.

Note: As of August 1 , the MBA of Texas Messenger Meeting will be held at

Alvin MBC in Alvin, on November 10-11 .

Note: If you need a missionary booth, call Bro. Justin Gatlin at 281-331-6726.

Joe Bozarth- Conroe- Fellowship BC

Baptized: The mission is doing great. We baptized a young man on Sunday the 19

and we also had two first time visitors.

We thought Covid had hit our congregation but my wife and I had the summer flu.

I am taking a vacation the last week in July, which will be the first vacation I’ve

had since I’ve been a missionary. My children and I are taking a nostalgic trip to

Hugo, Ok. which is the location of my first pastorate from 54 years ago.

Stats: We averaged 11 in SS; 14 in MW; 11 in EW; and 12 on WE. We baptized 1.

Our offering was $3,328 with $357.60 given to missions and $3,002.32 paid on the


As Texas is tightening down our restrictions again, we plan to stay open and obey

personal space and face mask orders. To God be the glory!

Steven Haney- Lubbock- MBSF Director at Texas Tech

Unknowns- We have started working towards getting as many things set for the

fall as we can for the MBSF at Texas Tech. There are still a lot of unknowns at this

point including what parts of the welcome week and normal booths will be allowed

this fall. We found out that Hub City Fest that usually kicks off the welcome week

that we have been able to set up a booth for over the past two years will be online

only this year which is not great but we are working towards making a video

segment to submit for it. Our student president is still waiting to find out what

restrictions will be put on our booth for the student organization fair. He was told

that the student org staff is still waiting to hear whether it will be allowed to

happen in person or not. It appears these Covid-19 issues will not get resolved

before the fall semester so this will definitely be an interesting semester to say the

least but I know with God's help that we will still find a way to reach these

students. At this point, it is still difficult to plan anything for sure but we will

follow whatever restrictions are necessary to stay on campus with as many things

as we can and move what we can't keep on campus to someplace else. This will be

a time that we will really be pushing our students to reach others through word of

mouth and bring their friends/classmates/peers without relying on our outreach and

booths to do all the work. Please continue to pray for this ministry as we navigate

some new waters on campus and have to change how we do somethings!

Offerings- The offerings for each month have remained steady at around $3,200/

month for which we are thankful to all those that give to this ministry and continue

to pray for us. Thank you all so much and may God richly bless you all!

Glenn McCarver- El Paso- Borderland MBC

We have been able to continue our services this month. Our group, as are all, are

ready for this pandemic to end, but continue to praise God for His blessings.

Camp- This month we were excited to be able to take 10 to camp. We were able to

talk with one of the campers parents and found out they had been members of a

local Baptist church, but due to various issues, had not attended in the past 1-2

years! We invited them to our services and they said that they had wanted to ask us

about it!

Stats- We averaged 10 in MW; 8 in WE; with 3 visitors and had 1 salvation. We

gave $105 to missions.

Saved- Camp is always a time for decisions, and this camp was no different. 18

came to know Jesus as their Savior. One of these was Ethan's girlfriend, Bailey. On

the second night, before the closing devotion and worship, she came and told me

and Amy she was afraid that she didn't want to go to Heaven for the right reason.

She had made a "profession" several years ago. As we began talking with her, we

realized that it was only a profession. That night she asked God to eternally save

her! Later, she would say that she never understood about losing her salvation/

security, but now fully understood that she will never lose the gift that she had been


Larry Watson- Rockdale- Landmark MBC

Improvement: Things are slowly improving for the church. Some are coming back

that had attended before. The congregation is learning to walk by faith. (Sis.

Marilyn is dealing with Lyme disease following her Coronavirus infection).

Stats: We averaged 12 in in Sunday services with an average of 3 visitors each

service and several listening from the parking lot. Our offering was $750 with $40

given to missions.

Leland Acker- Early- Life Point MBC

Baptisms: Praise the Lord! That's all I can say. Two of the three who made

professions of faith last month followed the Lord in Baptism, and have been

faithful in their attendance and discipleship ever since.

Returning: We have members who are returning to services after socially

distancing due to Covid for months. We are seeing more people express an interest

in the Gospel, and our Facebook Live videos are being viewed more.

Stats: We averaged 17 in SS; 25 in MW; 11 on WE; and baptized 2. Our offering

was $2,688 with $400 given to missions.

Stepping Out: Since God is blessing this work, and since we made the promise last

year, we will not be returning for support from the MBA of Texas this year. We

believe it is time to move forward in faith and sponsor missions. Please pray that

God continues to build this work for that purpose. Thank you for the years of

prayers, the years of support, and for your encouraging words. I hope to be able to

see you all at the State Meeting in November.

David Smith- Mansfield- Lifeline BC

Re-Opening: We are trying once again! This is a crazy time we live in for sure. We

have been meeting in our Mobil Church which can safely handle about 12-14

people. We have been averaging 10 consistently. The Adventist Church has been

very gracious to us in allowing us to return. We will be able to handle 50 people

with present Covid-19 guidelines.

Outreach: Lord willing we will be endeavoring to have our first organized

outreach Sunday since early this year. Pray for us to be able to reach many of the

people we have as contacts. Some have been watching us on Live-Streaming every


Stats: We are averaging 10 on SM; and 6 in small groups. Our offering was $3,243

with $200 given to missions, and $725 paid on rent.

Live Stream: Recently we have seen over 2000 being reached through our live-

streaming. Not all watch all the way through, but they are watching us for at least 3


Members Reaching Out: One of our newest members is Gregory, he is learning

how to reach people for Christ on Facebook. He has shared the gospel numerous

times in the last month. Another member, Stephen, is regularly witnessing to his

co-workers. Amen! Mary gave her testimony in Spanish at the Guererro Tire Shop

last Friday.

Victor Rice- San Antonio- Shiloh MBC

Low: We give thanks to the Lord for life as a whole and the Lord’s faithfulness. We

have had low attendance due to the younger generation having a fear of the virus

and also our mayor enforcing small gatherings of no more than 10.

One: We have a praise as we went to California on a vacation. When we landed at

LAX the governor had issued a stay at home order which hampered many things.

One evening as we were playing games and talking about the Lord when my wife

asked our great niece who is 15 if she knew where she was going for eternity? Her

response was not good and she broke down in tears. I shared with her the love of

Jesus and gave her the invitation of salvation through the scriptures. We prayed as

the whole family pleaded to the Lord with heavy hearts and tears. After some time

I had her pray to let go and let the Lord in her life. She told us in the morning that

she knew that God answered her prayer of salvation and she went to church on

Wednesday evening to tell her pastor that she received Christ and wanted to join

the church and be baptized. We praise the Lord for allowing us to share the word.

Stats: We averaged 10 in SS; 12 in SM; 10 on SE, and 8 on WE. We had 1 saved.

Our offering was $2,590 with $355 given to missions and $1200 paid on rent.

Landlord: Keep us in prayer as we have a new landlord remolding our complex. It

is trying as we have to haul debris prior to services so no one gets hurt. I believe

this is the Lord saying get your place now.

Daniel Tijerina- Mission- A New Beginning BC

Praises: We praise God for the privilege to pray for many people and for our

nation. Covid-19 cases have increased dramatically. There are 12 major hospitals

within the four-county area that makes up the Rio Grande Valley with over a

population of over 2.3 million people. Many of these live and work in the RGV or

in Reynosa and cross the border daily which increases the number of Covid cases.

Many of our families and friends have tested positive and several have died. We

have been praying for these individuals as well as working with local authorities to

provide medication and food to those that are sick, have lost their jobs, and the


Missionaries: We continue to pray for and assist missionaries in Quintana Roo,

Saltillo, Hidalgo, Monterrey, and Camargo. We sent Pastor Juan Rodriguez $350

for a van, Pastor Miguel Mogica Lara $400 for personal and church needs, Jose

Poot $150 for personal and church needs, and Pastor Jose Garcia $100 for personal

and church needs.

Services: We had services at one of our member’s home in Edinburg. We witnessed

to people as the opportunity arose.

Stats: We averaged 7 in SM. We gave $1,000 to missions over the last few months.

Future: We have plans to visit the works we support. We also continue to look for

property to purchase. Our sponsoring church and A New Beginning are praying

about this.

Thanks: We thank God for His provisions, our sponsoring church-Unity MBC,

Longview, and the churches that faithfully support the MBA, TMD, and TMB.