MBA of Texas April 2019 Mission Reports


April 1st Balance: $47,386.14/ Offerings: $22,551.09/ Missionary Support: $13,550/ Admin. Salary: $2,600/ Expenses: (designated-$10)(Office expense-$605.65)= $615.65/ April 30th balance: $53,171.58  (Minute Fund:$6,363.79)


Saved- 1    Baptized- 2

          Since November 1st there have been 15 saved, 9 baptized, 2 joined by letter, 0 joined by statement, and 1 surrendered to preach.

          The MBA of Texas was shared with; University MBC in Tyler; the Timberland Association Mission Rally at Oak Flat MBC in Huntington; the Bethlehem Association Mission Rally at Calvary MBC in Silsbee, Gilmer MBC in Gilmer, and the ETBMC at Veal Switch MBC in Hughes Springs.

Correction: The Minute Book has the 2019 Southwest Association meeting at Pavillard MBC in Amarillo, but it will meet at Northcrest MBC in Andrews on September 19-20th.


Donald Trussell- Hill Country MBC- Kerrville

          Fish- The final count for our fish fry was 20 people that we fed. We were very pleased with the turn-out. We also began what we call the “9:55 Ministry” this month. This is where we have an alarm set for 9:55am each day to remind us to pray for each lost person we know by name, wherever we may be. This works perfectly on Sundays because the whole church prays together right before Sunday School. Please remember me in May, as I will be attempting to visit each of these people on the prayer list and witness to them again. This list includes 2 first-time visitors we had this month.

          Stats- Our averages were; 10 in SS; 10 in MW; 9 in EW; and 5 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $959, with $150 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

          My wife’s test result on her endocrine system showed she still has too much stress on her adrenal glands. Please pray for the Lord’s will in her life and please pray that we find a permanent place to live, as we’re still living in a camper.

          Thank you for your faithful support of missions and the MBA of Texas.


Leland Acker- Life Point MBC- Early

          70- We had a great month in April, as we saw 70 people attend our annual Community Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday. Historically, our attendance at Sunrise averaged around 30. This year’s attendance of 70 set a record, not only for Sunrise Service, but for any Life Point service, ever. Most of those in attendance were first time visitors.

          This year’s Sunrise Service was held in the courtyard of the newly built Early Visitors and Events Center. Our event was featured in a TV news report, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau helped us promote it. (The CVB promotes all local events, especially those held at the city facilities). We also promoted it heavily on Facebook, and on our blog.

          We have another event scheduled in May. Heather & Russell Smith will join us in concert at 6pm, May 11th at our church building. All are invited to attend.

          Contacts- This month, we reached 7,484 online, sent out 167 letters, and had 7 visits with prospects.

          Stats- Our averages were: 19 in SS; 20 in MW; and 11 WE. Our offering was $1,334.86, with $395 given to missions.

          Mission Trip- My daughter, Rachel, is raising funds for a two-month missionary trip to Thailand, where she will serve as an intern to Missionaries Rusty and Susan Teer. She has her airfare raised, and has paid for her own passport and Visa. If you would like to help her, support can be sent to Rachel Acker, 106 Orchard Dr. Early, TX 76802. She leaves for Thailand on May 31st.


Joe Bozarth- Fellowship BC- Conroe

          Busy- Busy often runs together in Conroe. April was such a month. We enjoyed a sunrise service on Easter Morning. After which the men of the church cooked breakfast for everyone. Then, the following Saturday, we enjoyed Kids Fest, which is an annual event downtown Conroe. Often, as many as 10-11 thousand pass by our booth. We experienced four or five that were interested in our work here and said they would visit. Someone said that would be wonderful if they really came. But I remember the old saying, “If you don’t catch someone on visitation, then God will send someone else”. And I have faith that this is true also. All these services and outreach events require planning and preparations, but these were running together this past month.

          Stats- Our averages were: 9 in SS; 12 in MW; 10 in EW; and 9 on WE. Our offering was $4,201 with $657.70 given to missions and $3,002.32 paid on the building.


Victor Rice- Shiloh MBC- San Antonio

          We closed the month of March with my wife being taken to the hospital with a major reaction to an antibiotic which caused her blood pressure to be 70/30. They worked on her for 5 hours to get her blood pressure up, she was in the hospital for two days.

          Joseph- Early morning on April 5th we got the call that all parents fear, that our son was involved in an auto rollover and was being air lifted. He had major head trauma. This was a time we had to lean on the Lord with what little strength we had. I am so thankful of the many prayer chains of brothers and sisters in Christ from all over and coming to be supportive at the hospital. This also resulted in Joseph’s co-workers coming to church to hear the word and pray. I still preached the word with a heavy heart as my wife stayed at the hospital. God provided the message and for 2 Sunday mornings the altar call was packed and not a dry eye was found. Here’s the biggest blessing, our son is home and still has a ways to go using a walker and has short term memory loss, but was able, this last Sunday, to give a beautiful devotional and lead the song service with the help of holding on to the pulpit.

          Salvation- We had one come forward accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and having a baptism at the close of the last Sunday morning service.

          Stats- We had 1 saved and baptized. Our averages were 10 in SS; 22 in MW; 10 in EW; and 8 on WE. Our offering was $3,003.18, with $349.74 given to missions, and $1,200 paid on rent. We are blessed with two men coming and visiting seeking a church to attend. Praise our Lord.

          We, as a family want to say how thankful we are for the prayers, cards, phone calls, and those who came out to assist at the house to help out with Joseph. We still ask for continual prayers as Joseph continues with his recovery and that he recovers fully in God’s time.


Steven Haney- MBSF Director, Texas Tech- Lubbock

          Full Time- The month of April was a busy month. Danielle’s last day at work was April 26th. So this week is my first week to be full time and we have been getting everything financially ready to cut down for that change. We still need to sell our van to be out from under that payment, so please pray that God will help that to happen quickly and smoothly. I’ve also began looking for ways to volunteer on the Tech campus to build relationships with the faculty and students, since I will be able to be out on the campus during the day. Please pray that God will open some of those doors and present some opportunities. We have continued to run the Ad in the campus newspaper and will continue to do so until the end of the semester. We have yet to hear from anyone through it, but if only one or two students see it, and contact us in the next couple of weeks, it will be worth it.

          Booth- At our booth on campus this month we had @ 55 students to stop by and talk with us over the 4 hours we were there. I had a chance to spend about 15 minutes speaking with a student who claimed to be an atheist but seemed interested in why I believed so strongly about God’s existence. We had a good talk and he took a flyer and a business card. He said he would be interested in stopping by a Bible study sometime when he had time. We continue to have 5-6 students, 3 of which are Tech students.

          Support- We have also had another church partner with us in monthly support, which is a blessing. We are currently at $2,600 to $2,700 of the $3,000 in monthly support for my salary. Our goal is $4,500 per month that would include my salary as well as financing for an MBSF house and monthly expenses. We are thankful for the continued support and would love to present the work to your church. You can contact me at 903-722-1545 or Thank you all and please continue to pray for this work and college campuses everywhere. May God bless you all!


Glenn McCarver- Borderland MBC- El Paso

          Bibles- This past month, we were able to give out 2 Bibles: One to a man in his sixties, and the other to a 20-year-old. While the man in his sixties was very appreciative for the Bible (saying now he will be able to see it clearly at home), it was the 20-year-old that was really exciting to see and hear. He was thrilled that we had given him the Bible and has been using it daily. During his first service using it, I heard him comment that he was trying to figure out all of its features! It made me think of how the generation coming up looks at things somewhat differently than my generation. As he was talking about it, it made me think he was talking about an app on his phone!

          Immaturity- The man in his sixties, has living with him two sons, one son’s wife, and their 5 children. One of the greatest problems that faces our world is immaturity. Too many expect things to be just given to them. None of the other three adults helps financially to the father. Even though they have (or have had) jobs, they provide nothing towards rent. His desire is that they would all be saved before he dies. Please pray for Francis as he often feels overwhelmed. Also pray for the three adults that they will not only live up to their responsibilities, but will also be the right kind of example to the five children.

          Stats- Our averages were 8 on Sunday and 6 on Midweek. $225 was given to missions and $200 paid on rent.

          Much Study- Every week, the 20-year-old man has questions. These range from the best way to study the Bible, to deep (especially for a young child of God) questions. I can say that I really enjoy this time because he keeps me sharp not ever knowing what the next question will be. This past Sunday, his line of questions began with creation. I briefly explained to him a few of the various theories about Genesis (Literal day, Gap, Multi-gap) and the reasoning behind them. This led to a discussion on how old I believe the world is. If all members of churches were this hungry to truly KNOW God, what a difference that He could make in this world through us!


Daniel Tijerina- A New Beginning BC- Mission

          The month of April has been filled with many blessings. We had 4 first time visitors. We celebrated a sunrise service with Mt. Calvary BC in Pharr on Resurrection Day. The chapel we meet at is undergoing some major renovations, so we have made other arrangements to meet at.

          God’s grace- His Grace is truly new every day. The members are committed to spreading the Gospel by giving to missions and going out into the community. Our sponsoring church is planning on visiting us in June.

          Plans- We are looking forward to the great things our Lord has in store for us the rest of this year. We will be requesting Texas Mission Development Funds for the 3rd quarter (May 2019) to purchase land and a building to call home.

          Growth- We have been praying that the Lord add more members to the church. Our new location lends itself for people to easily find us, and it is within walking distance from several neighborhoods and mobile home parks. Faith comes through hearing and hearing the Word of God. The Gospel shall continue to be proclaimed until the Lord calls us home or until He returns for us.

          Gratitude- We are grateful to all the churches that give faithfully to the MBA of Texas, TMD, and TMB. We want to thank our sponsoring church- Unity MBC of Longview, Pastor- Ray Williams for their prayers and support.

          Stats- We are working with 6 families. On Sunday mornings we meet at the retreat center in a conference room. Our average attendance on Sunday mornings is 22. On Sunday evening and Wednesday nights, we are meeting at Mt. Calvary BC until the renovations are complete at the chapel.

          Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Should you have any questions or need additional information, call me at 956-240-5717, or through email at   


David Smith- Lifeline BC- Mansfield

          1 Baptized- We were hoping for 2 but God gave us 1 for baptism this month, Eva Pardo.

          Mobile Home- We have been using our new mobile home for bible studies, Lord’s Supper, and Food bank here lately. Meeting a lot of new people.

          4 Church BBQ- There are now 3 African Churches that we are working with, two in Arlington, another in Grand Prairie. We will be having a big BBQ/Picnic Outreach at Legacy Park in Arlington. Hoping to build new friendships and win people to Christ.

          We have rented Legacy Park and are preparing for 150 plus to attend. This is an evangelistic outreach and we are praying for God to give us a harvest of souls. Everyone is getting excited.

          Stats- We had 1 baptized. Our averages were 17 in MW; 6 in small groups, and 4 at Venus. Our offering was $3,623, with $300 given to missions, $650 paid on rent, $300 for pastor, and $150 for pastor insurance.  

          Food Ministry- Our food ministry is reaching more and more people. We are receiving an abundance of produce. We now have two helpers working with us: Chelo and Eva. They have been helping bag the food and distribute it. They, along with my wife, go door to door offering bags of food with a church card, tracts, and big smiles showing the love of Jesus. It’s a lot of work but a huge blessing.

          Faith Promise Missions/ Revival-Next week- Bro. Terry Woodside will be our special speaker leading us in our church’s first Missions Conference. Praying for the Lord to increase our faith and enable us to give more for Missions.