MBA of Texas March 2019 Mission Reports


March 1st balance: $46,942.02/ Offerings: $16,654.12/ Missionary Support: $13,550/ Admin. Salary: $2,600/ Expenses: (designated: $10.00)(Office expense: $50)= $60/ March 31st balance: $47,386.14/ (Minute Fund: $6,363.79)


Saved=  2   Baptized=  1

          Since November 1st there have been 15 saved, 7 baptized, 2 joined by letter, and 0 joined by statement.

          State Missions was shared with; Hopewell MBC of Clarksville and Friendship MBC in Clarksville in March.


Leland Acker- Life Point MBC- Early

          March was a blessed month as my son David came forward and made a profession of faith and followed the Lord in Baptism. We had two first time visitors come who received one of our mailers. Two more came who had followed our online social media ministry.

Stats: We had 1 saved and 1 baptized. Our averages were; 17 in SS; 18 in MW; and 11 in WE. Our offering was $2,146.60 with $555 given to missions.

Easter: We booked the newly built convention center for our annual Community Sunrise Service on Easter, and we are still working on setting up our youth ministry.

Visits: My activities by the numbers are as follows: 4 visits to members. 10 visits to prospects. 16 phone calls. 127 letters/invites sent. 4,356 reached on social media and our website. 4 first time visitors. 1 profession of faith and baptism.


David Smith- Lifeline BC- Mansfield

2 For Baptism: We thank God for two, a man and his wife, Lord willing, will be baptized on Easter Sunday morning! We are praying some others may yet come for baptism.  

Lifeline Purchased a Mobile Home: A couple attending our church decided they wanted to sell their mobile home, but wanted to see it used for good purposes. We began talking about it and then they offered it to our church for half of its value, $15k! We were very surprised at the good offer and Lifeline made their first big purchase of their own. We were blessed to be able to pay cash.

          The Mobile Home Ministry/Office will be used for bible studies in the community, VBS, an emergency church meeting place, a church office, a missionary guest room. We already have someone who will be a live-in superintendent who will watch over the place; a member of our church. She is also our accountant.

Stats: Praise God for 1 salvation. Our averages were 21 in MW, 6 in Small groups, 5 at Venus. Our offering was $3,576.27, with $300 given to missions, $650 paid on rent. They also paid $15,000 on a Mobile Home.

3 Church BBQ/Picnic: There are two African Churches that we are working with, one in Arlington, another in Grand Prairie. We have befriended these pastors: Bro. Ernest Yancy, and Bro. Julius Bamibe. Bro. Yancy has joined our Central Baptist Association already, and Bro. Bamibe is contemplating it. We will be having a big BBQ/Picnic Outreach at Legacy Park in Arlington. Hoping to build new friendships and win people to Christ.


Joe Bozarth- Fellowship BC- Conroe

          Matt. 24:22 says, “except for the elect’s sake the days will be shortened”. This verse has been a puzzle to many of us, however, the older I become the shorter the days seem to be. Perhaps this is also a meaning to this verse. We do understand that this is speaking about the days of persecution. I never seem to find all the time I need to get through the day’s needs. Again, this month has been a month of business. Yet, the work is still before us.

Stats: Our averages were 11 in SS; 10 in MW; 10 in EW, and 9 on WE. Our offering was $3,650 with $390 given to missions, and $3,000 paid on the loan.

          We are currently making plans about the new property. The underbrush needs to be cleared and made ready for recreation this summer. Since we have many of the High School students pass by every day, we have decided to target this group to come and play with us this summer. This will give us opportunity to witness. So, we are planning outside games that will attract them. Once again, it is time for Kidz Fest in Conroe and we have reserved a double booth. This is a day of good times and to meet a lot of new people from all over the area.


Glenn McCarver- Borderland BC- El Paso

          God continues to bless here in the Borderland. This month we were able to

give out two Bibles. One was to an older gentleman who has been attending our services and wants to see all of his children and grandchildren saved before he dies, and the other was to a 20yr. old man who I heard commenting that he wanted to explore all the features it had! He was very thrilled to receive the Bible and was thankful for the gift!

Stats: Our averages were; 9 in EW; 6 in Bible studies, with 13 as a high. $291 was given to different missions.

          In February our attendance was down due to sickness, but now it seems that everyone is recovering and we should be back to normal on Sunday’s. Continue to pray for us as we reach out to our community. We are looking forward to our first Easter Sunday service next month here in El Paso!

          The young man Cala won to the Lord has been asking in-depth questions about subjects in the Bible. After the last lesson, he asked about baptism and if he, being a Catholic would need to be baptized again. This gave me an opportunity to explain the difference between immersion and sprinkling. He was very intent on the answers I was able to give him. Please pray for this young man.    

Meeting Place Need: The hotel where we are currently meeting has a capacity of 45. We currently arranged the seating where we can accommodate 24. But, we are not able to hold a children’s class in this location. We have begun searching for something that is more conducive to meet our needs. Ideally, we need to find something that will allow us to have both a class for adults and one for children at the same place.


Daniel Tijerina- A New Beginning BC- Mission

Church growth: We thank Our Lord for his provisions and grace regarding our Spiritual growth. Our Sunday School classes have blessed us with a better understanding of God and what He expects from us as His children. This has a direct impact in equipping the Saints to serve others and teach them how to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Praises: We thank God for permitting us to meet at the Valley Baptist Retreat Center. We have full access to all the facilities located onsite. We purchased a 1year insurance policy to cover us from lose of equipment, slips, trips, falls, and lawsuits. The retreat center is additionally insured. God has blessed us in that we have not been charged rent nor utilities these past 3 months.

Stats: We are working with 7 families. Our averages were: 25 in MW; 10 EW; and 8 on WE. Should you have any questions call me at 956-240-5717.

Fellowship: Our youth have attended Iglesia Bautista Getsemani, Pastor Josue Vasquez, for food, fun, and fellowship. Plans are in place to send our youth to camp this summer. Fundraising activities are being discussed and planned. A trip to the beach is in the works for fellowship with the entire church.

Outreach: Plans to door knock are in motion. We have material to spread and tracts to give out to the people that live near our meeting place. Everyone is welcome.

Future Plans: We continue to wait on the Lord to provide us with a permanent meeting place this year. Plans to organize into a local New Testament Church next year, are moving forward.

Thanks: First, we thank our gracious God for everything. Second, we are grateful to the churches that support the MBA of Texas, the TMD, and the TMB. Thirdly, we thank our sponsoring church, Unity MBC of Longview.


Victor Rice- Shiloh MBC- San Antonio

          We give thanks to the Lord for allowing us life this month, for answered prayers and visitors. This month brings sadness of a ruling our city counsel along with the mayor concerning a Chick-fil-A being removed from the airport eatery’s, because of their view of biblical marriage. This is what we are battling.

Illness: We are dealing with heavy illnesses which affects our attendance. We were blessed to have 2 young adults who have heavy Catholic backgrounds attend on a Wednesday evening service and said they would come back. We are doing a praise and worship at the park on the last Sunday evening service. We are praying for this outreach for souls to hear. I was blessed to add another year of life on the 16th.

Stats: Our averages were: 13 in SS; 17 in MW; 15 on SE; and 13 on WE. Our offering was $4,122, with $499 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.

          We had a scare for Sis. Ramona had a reaction to an antibiotic that had Sulphur which caused her blood pressure to drop to 70 over 30 to which took 6 hours in the trauma unit to get her blood pressure stable. She had heavy fever for 4 days and a rash all over. She is home after a stay and slowly recovering.

          Continue prayers is needed. In closing, our van is busy picking up people, for that we are thankful. 


Steven Haney- MBSF- Texas Tech, Lubbock

4-5 Students: This month we have continued with the Bible studies and outreach on Tech campus per usual, continuing to average 4-5 students. The campus was down for spring break which took a week away. But we did get an advertisement space started running on the campus paper. Please pray that we will be able to reach some students through it as it runs once a week until the end of the semester.

Full Time: We are currently still on track for Danielle to quit her job which will allow me to be full time by the end of April. Her last day is listed as April 25th and the only thing left for us to do in preparation is to get our van fixed and sold since our truck is paid off. Pray with us that the repairs will not be costly and that God will send a buyer along quickly to allow us to get out from under that payment as soon as possible. This will be the first time since being in Lubbock that I am able to do full time MBSF and I am excited for the possibilities of having the time during the day to meet with students on campus and build relationships as God presents them.

Support: We have had a couple more churches step out alongside of us this month in support of us and the ministry which is always encouraging and is definitely a God thing coming at such a crucial time as we try to maneuver our new budget. We are currently at $2,750 of the $4,500 for monthly support: $3,000 of which will be for monthly salary and $1,500 for mortgage payments for MBSF housing and monthly expenditures for the ministry. We do have a new booth approved for April 1st as our other dates fell through or people fell ill. We have 2 students currently on board to help with this one, so hopefully having students with me will be more appealing than doing it by myself. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to run our campus ad, do booths in the free speech area, and get our family set for me to be full time in the next month. I truly believe that having the freedom to do the work full time will allow God to open more doors than previously available as we are ready for them! If you or your church would like more information please let me know! This summer especially I will be available most weekends to come and present the work in person. You can reach me at (903) 722-1545 or! Thank you all for your support and prayers and may God bless you!   


Donald Trussell- Hill Country MBC- Kerrville

New Study: We started a new men’s Bible study this month at the 3 Hills Mobile Home Park in Kerrville. We are very grateful to the managers there who allowed us to do this. Although they won’t let us go door to door, they have agreed to let us put up a sandwich board sign outside the clubhouse to advertise the weekly meetings. Please pray that we can reach more with this ministry.

          After the Operation Restoration ministry in Henderson, donated fish to us, we decided to use it to have another “Matthew Party” at the end of March. After sending out invitations, we have had 17 RSVP’s. We hope this will bring more visitors into the church on Sunday mornings.

Stats: Our averages were: 11 in SS; 11 in MW; 10 in EW, and 7 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $974, with $250 given to missions, and $300 paid on rent.  

          We have 1 new visitor on Wednesday nights and she has been faithful in attendance and is really enjoying our current study on the book of Revelation.

Health: Please continue to keep us in your prayers, as my wife has several treatments and therapy lined up to try to correct 10 slipped discs and a damaged SI joint in her back. She will also be seeing an endocrinologist next month about her adrenal disorder. Thanks to all who have prayed for, supported, and encouraged us! May God bless you all.